Mr Roger's Nieghborhood

Darleen and I enjoyed this wonderful movie about one of our childhood heros.

Häagen-Dazs’ Free Cone Day!

Bravo! Our kids loved day! Darleen & Gregg

J4K Trio: The Brothers Tour

Julien/8 Violin Jon Luc/12 Cello James/14 Viola and Violin

Darleen & Gregg: Audi R8 *The Street

"'The street '*bodacious belief' in your self-convicting passions toward personal perfection may seem effortless to others; but you know better." D&G

Go Fish Frost Valley

Go Fish. Lets get this resort adventure under foot.

Darleen & Greg: Bugatti Bedroom Eyes

"Life, wife, husband, partner and family are all potentials bound up in those dreamy bedroom eyes. Cheers, here's to YOU! Live life responsibly." D&G

James Ballet

August 2018 Dance Magazine (back cover)

Darleen & Gregg: Mercedes Demands

"Drive past the demons confronting your 'personal excellence demands' victoriously again, again and again." D&G

Brick Mates

Play Re-imagined

Darleen & Gregg: Audi R8 *The Hood

"The moto-drive under 'the (*your) hood' is the crowning difference between victor and vanquished." D&G

See You Yesterday

As two teen prodigies try to master the art of time travel, a tragic police shooting sends them on dangerous trips to the past.

Darleen Jobson-Larkin

There is no limit.

Darleen & Gregg: Aston Martin Draw

"Who your were, is the mental driving image comfortably reflecting where you've been; now, go with what 'draws' you to that point of the uncomfortable excellence where no one has gone before." D&G

Blanket Party

Dove Men's Campaign

Darleen & Gregg: Aston Martin Life

"If what's driving your life style is exemplified by what's sitting in your driveway, or parking space... then celebrate; if not... drive better, and then celebrate. Either way, "You deserve a great party!" D&G

The J4K Trio

James, Julien, & Jon Luc Viola, Violin, & Cello have already qualified @The Apollo, Fall 2019. Click the link, see the performance.

Darleen & Gregg: McLaren Flight

"Life's flight tests indicate, all systems are... GO! So buckle up, buttercup; because YOU are the result of YOUR driving life's desires, and those wild imaginations have just become angelically real!" D&G

Kim Possible: Disney Channel Movie

We’re all not born with the same amount of talent as we live on this planet let's discuss the screening of ""Kim Possible"", a Disney Channel film previewed at a MAMARAZZI® Event hosted by The Moms.

Darleen & Gregg: McLaren Infinity

"To infinity, bed, bath and beyond! Drive towards balanced life's desires, everyday." D&G

Travel Show

Darleen & Gregg Travels

Darleen & Gregg: Ferrari Redline

"'THEY' are now only spectators to the ferocity of your redline desired accelerations. Ashes to ash, dusts to dust." D&G

Jon Luc Ballet

After Jon Luc's Madame X Dances Patrelle performance.

Darleen & Gregg: Ferrari 50/Shades

"Whatever's in your secret closet; drive your whip home, whip-appeal, it feels SO very GOOD!" D&G

Jon Luc Ballet

Playbill Love for Jon Luc Ballet

Darleen & Gregg: Bugatti Sunrise

"Surprise, sunrise again. If yesterday sucked, then imagine today through the straw of this (refer to picture) driving determination. Get back out there!" D&G

Darleen: Thanks Alaska Airlines!

She is simply amazing!

Darleen & Gregg: Lamborghini Tech

"Exceed yesterday's driven tech, here's a self perspective; test drive your future tech self, today." D&G

Nancy Drew, and the Hidden Staircase

Executive Producer Ellen DeGeneres’ Nancy Drew movie opened March 15 Th.

Darleen & Gregg Lamborghini BLK

"'Driving while BLK,' is more than an attitude. So, what lies beneath your drive? Beauty or...Beast!" D&G

Darleen Awesome

This is where we live, join us!

Darleen & Gregg: Mercedes Surreal

"Expending energy refuting the 'gossip-monger insanity' terminally destructs you; remember surreal dreams for others is mere effortless 'thinking reality' for you. So Dream Really DAMN BIG!" D&G

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This inspirational post by Darleen is awesomely insightful.

Spartans For Life

Christmas Spectacular

Annual Family Favorite