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About: “Just ask D&G, everyone else does.”
Toys, Travel, Media, Parenting & Life-Stylists

Our mission for our audience is all about the upgrades in toys, travel life and event destinations.


Our goal is even more important, as it is to cause our clients (both corporate & consumer) to "feel good" that anything  is achievable through our journalistic commercial lens.


"Darleen & Gregg" recognizes that everyone’s abilities and dreams vary as we speak to provide the same level of “anything is possible feeling” for all who groove with us.


D&G are digital nomadic toy and travel-bloggers,


Gregg, is an "naval nuclear submarine veteran" who has earned the right to refuse participating in business with destinations like theme parks, resorts, hotels and/or brand travel services like car rentals, airlines and cruise lines, that chooses to under-serve customers..” What a mouth full!

Darleen's perspectives were honed early with her life's own experiences. The Brearley School alum then refined her viewpoints via life-travel with the American Olympic Track and Field team. This Hobart and William Smith graduate is dedicated to life service as a traveler's protectorate, (She actually fills out commentary cards and make improvement suggestions with picture evidence.)


We are D&G, concierge bloggers and as overall travel health journalist of the highest degree, we don't cut corners on honest posting.  That means we effectively influence readers and viewers to honestly identify with all the product and/or service posted about. We provide the reader or viewer with normally unobtainable "Travel Intel" options that might take otherwise a lifetime longer to self-research.


Together "We" make that impossible travel decisions possible, the ordinary trip destination extraordinary, and the dream vacation a reality.

The Work Ethic: Our belief is every travel person desires to have the destination satisfactory goals of their dreams, yet few exercise the tools to obtain it.  But for many travel individuals, that dream never becomes a reality because of poor destination service business practices. Our blog posting standards politely change and have changed many a traveler's results.

The Practice: Through our effective portfolio of high goal achievement worthy practices, Darleen and Gregg “Consumer Partners” with you to travel strong.

With Darleen and Gregg, we'll help you to apply your drive to "Shine Bright Like A Diamond."

Values: DarleenandGregg.com are real people with real values. Accepting the status quo negates the fact that you too can live a unique exotic socially responsible life that is well within your reach.