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​How Do I Place An Order?


First consider the following:


Initial deposit $2500

  • Estimated *Total Deposit for $50K and/or below car is $13,000 and about $1000/Month

  • Estimated *Total Deposit for $100k and/or below to $50K car is $22,000 and about $2000/Month

  • Estimated *Total Deposit for $150k and/or below to $100K car is $30,000 and about $2500/Month


    *Insurance is not included in the deposit or monthly payment


First identify the vehicle you want through your own research or from our site research page. Through the car submittal, provide the make and model with at least two color options for the interior and exterior of the car.  Also, include year of model and if you’re flexible with the year as long as the look of the model doesn’t change.  Plus, include any options that are an absolute must.  And finally, state how soon you can pay the $2500 initial deposit and the balance payment due upon receiving the car.


Second, Once you have submitted the car details, we will confirm we can obtain the car and will request the initial 100% refundable deposit of $2500.  After the deposit is made, within 72 hours we will provide you the details of your car including interior and exterior pictures, speedometer reading, car features, and VIN number to confirm cars authenticity.



Payment and Shipping


The Initial $2500 deposit is to be wired or deposited with the parent company of Dream Car Cosigners the Blaylock Consulting Group, Inc.  The routing and account number will be provided upon written agreement to move forward.  Prior to signing documents, time of initial deposit and balance deposit will be agreed as well as location where the car is to be delivered.   Upon satisfactory delivery and acquisition of vehicle, the Final Deposit Balance will be due in a cashier’s check.   The Final Deposit Balance is the Estimated Total Deposit less the $2500 Initial deposit.


Returns & Refunds


Because of our large network of over 500 dealerships nationwide, we are usually always able to find what our clients are looking for.  In the event we can’t find what the client is seeking, the $2500 deposit is 100% refundable in 48 hours.



What Are The DreamCar Cosigners Basic Benefits?


We make the impossible possible, the ordinary Extra-ordinary, and the Dream a reality when it comes to car acquisition.


We are concierge automotive facilitators. That means we do all the work providing you with viable automotive options that might take you weeks of research and dozens of phone calls to negotiate, and set up financing.