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Five Ways To Invest In (Your) Dreams

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

by Darleen M. Jobson-Larkin | Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin

[Originally posted January 29, 2015]

"When I fall asleep, I dream about my other dreams."

The statement may read that the writer is a bit egomaniacal and motivated only to his or her best interest; however, what then is to be said about the lifestyles built around the saying "me time" ,or even the recent activities of the "me too"movement. Challenging or embracing the first above mentioned construct is the initial step to focus on Ïnvesting In (Your) Dreams.

The video above is a personalized affirmation of my dreams. Consider making a 'video dream' presentation of your own, and then own it.

"When I fall asleep, I dream about my other dreams." This post suggests ways of investing in the individual's destiny as opposed to investing energies in others:

1. Define what your dream way of life truly is

2. Create a visual or written list

3. Search others whom are already living your desired dream list lifestyle

4. Ignore self-doubt in any form

5. Take first baby steps towards your dream

You'll be apprehensive, and/or even afraid, that's the fun part of this adventure-bound journey.

Dream big, Dream on!

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