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Brick Mates® A new world of hands-on learning

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

A new world of hands-on learning, portable educational toys has launched this year from Fun City Toys! Brick Mates® invites toddler through elementary school children to discover innovative, visually stunning, easy to use STEM products in both their Lock & Learn and Stack by Numbers segments.

The Brick Mates® brand is inspired by the need for families to have simple to use STEAM based learning kits that are hands-on and experiential for young children. Whimsical designs in the Stack by Numbers series stimulate children to develop, create, build, and have fun while developing new skills. Use bricks to create simple 3D designs like a cupcake and a puppy or construct your own designs with a blank template. While the Lock & Learn portfolio teaches the youngest students problem solving, hand-eye coordination, color and word recognition, and group play, it also reinforces imagination. Pop the colorful pieces on the provided inlay puzzle or snap on your own preschool bricks and play-set figures to POP, LOCK, and LEARN! All Brick Mates® are compatible with most popular bricks and brick play-sets on the market!


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"In working closely with home school educators and therapists, we identified the need to have easy to assemble kits that children could build through trial and error”, said Margo Chazen. Fun City Toys Executive, Lon Ross, explained, “Kids want to be challenged and given positive reinforcement as rewards. They want multidimensional toys with relatable subjects, so that is exactly what we created! We know educators, students, and parents alike will fall in love with how all kids are encouraged to explore through playing with Brick Mates®. It is easy to add to your curriculum."

According to results from a new Confidence in Learning Poll by Harris Insights & Analytics released in April of 2019, hands-on learning builds confidence. Eighty-seven percent of students say they learn and remember topics more when the learning involved hands-on projects, and 93 percent of parents say hands-on learning helps children retain knowledge for the future. Additionally, students who are confident in learning STEAM subjects are more than twice as likely to say they were confident at school today. The poll found that hands-on learning can build confidence to try new tasks.

With hands-on learning at its core, Brick Mates® activities give children a sense of self-worth at completion. They develop much needed skills in reading, math, engineering, group engagement, and art that can be built on in the future. The inclusive nature of the toys allows children of all talents and abilities to play with it successfully. This is the foundation for lifelong learning.

One of the most common issues for parents is that pieces go missing from puzzles and play-sets. With Brick Mates®, every piece snaps onto the boards to keep the pieces in place! There is easy clean up and no more lost pieces. Because all of the pieces connect to the baseboards, the sets travel well and can easily be taken to restaurants! Play and Learn without screen time! Brick Mates® on long car trips keep kids actively learning instead of asking when they will arrive!


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To learn more about the Fun City Toys brand, visit www.brickmates.com or connect with Brick Mates® on Facebook to discover the STEAM-filled world at www.facebook.com/Brickmates , www.pinterest.com/Brickmates , and www.twitter.com//Brickmates. For Press inquiries or samples, please contact Jennifer Stein at AIEPublicRelations@yahoo.com .


Fun City Toys is a global play and STEM company committed to engaging children in hands-on learning through imaginative play. Fun City Toys offers a variety of ways for youth to experience Brick Mates®, Lock & Learn, and Stack by Numbers. From engineering ice cream cones out of bricks to locking into place colorful barn animals, young explorers are involved and stimulated. Through its commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy, Fun City Toys is helping to make the world a better place for the leaders, learners, and creators of tomorrow.

Discover more at www.brickmates.com, and follow us on Twitter (@brickmates), Instagram (@brickmates) and Facebook (facebook.com/brickmates).


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